Homeless Services

The TAY Sanctuary House is a structured permanent housing program designed to support homeless Transitional Age Youth with mental health challenges in establishing the positive habits necessary to realize their individual potential.


The TAY Sanctuary House supports residents toward making the transition to using positive coping strategies learned through evidence based programs. Residents will develop clear and realistic goals while participating in TAY Sanctuary House program. In order to best serve residents’ meaningful and permanent transition into independent living, there is no time limit to this program.


 Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Between ages 18-24 upon entry
  • Qualify as homeless (as defined by HUD)
  • Have a mental health diagnosis
  • Qualify as extremely low income (monthly income of $1,450 or below)

Please call Calla Cohen, MSW, the Sanctuary House Coordinator, at 707-799-0429 if you are interested in referring someone to this program.


Transitional Training Program (TTP) - An 9 bed residential program in Santa Rosa, CA, for mentally ill, homeless adults. There is minimal supervision (no overnight or live-in staff). Services focus on helping clients assess their skills and abilities relating to independent living, and to stabilize their housing and financial situations. Clients stay 6-10 months.

A 10 bed homeless shelter in Santa Rosa, CA, which provides support services to mentally ill homeless adults. Day and overnight staff are available to help clients secure resources, formulate housing plans, and develop life skills. Clients stay up to 60 days.